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Student Life @ LBC&S

Welcome to LBC&S Family

Dear student, you are now part of the LBC&S family and we want you to know that we have been praying for you!

We hope that we will be able to serve you and help you discover the richness of a life filled with Christ during your time at LBC&S and hope that you will carry it with you wherever you go!

Student Life

Statement of Code of Conduct

One of the most important goals of Lakeview Bible College & Seminary (hereinafter “LBC&S”) is to facilitate the growth and development of Christian character in line with biblical principles. LBC&S also seeks to build a safe and healthy community that supports and fosters the well-being and growth of each student. As part of its mission and its academic program, LBC&S is entitled to prescribe appropriate standards of conduct and expects students to conduct themselves in an ethical and moral manner that brings glory to Christ both inside and outside the campus of LBC&S.

LBC&S reserves the right to place a student on probation, to suspend or expel a student, to remove scholarship assistance, to withhold a degree from a student, or to take any other appropriate action, if the conduct of the student prevents, or will prevent, acceptable representation of the core values and standards of LBC&S.

LBC&S may take disciplinary action as it deems necessary should the code of personal and ethical conduct be violated. Violation of this code of conduct shall include, but is not limited to:

      1. Academic misconduct including, but not limited to, plagiarism or cheating.
      2. Public or private alcohol intoxication.
      3. Use of any tobacco products.
      4. Use of illegal drugs or other substance abuse.
      5. Heterosexual misconduct or homosexual behaviour.
      6. Sexual harassment.
      7. Viewing or possessing pornographic materials.
      8. Giving false statements orally or in writing including, but not limited to, one’s application for admission or registration or altering records.
      9. Fighting; using abusive or vulgar language.
      10. Theft of LBC&S or personal property.
      11. Violation of academic regulations and policies.
      12. Disrespect toward any LBC&S employee.

Students who have violated any of the ethical conduct codes listed above, or who have committed any act that is not befitting their calling as a minister of the Word of God will have to appear before the Student’s Ethical Conduct Committee (SECC) of LBC&S. The Committee will exercise Christian concern and approach in its dealings with students, and its actions will be intended to be occasions for learning, spiritual growth, and professional development.


Lakeview Bible College & Seminary is my second home, it’s my family, it taught me how to build a good relationship with the people, helped me to grow nearer to God and to transform many people to change their life’s. Thank you! Lakeview for your love and support.

Pruthvi Raj

Current Student

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