Lakeview Bible College and Seminary has gone through several changes in both name and location, while keeping our calling and central vision clear. God’s hand of guidance and His continued provision paved the way for us to continue to expand His ministry in quality and quantity and all for His glory alone.

1977 – 1999
Established in 1977 as a part-time institution, Madras School of Evangelismwas founded to train preachers and evangelists who would be firmly grounded in the Word of God and be able to lead churches in faithful ministry to Christ. We moved from Kilpauk (Central Madras) to Anna Nagar in 1987 and took the name,Madras College of Evangelism, in 1988, and then to our own campus with the name, Lakeview Bible College and Seminary in 1999. The residential Bachelor of Theology was the degree granted in that time.

1999 – 2010
With additional facilities and new buildings, women students were admitted for the first time in July 2001. The same year, students were encouraged to get involved in regular weekend ministries in churches and missions around Chennai city.

The Master of Divinity programme was launched in July 2002 and offered training in two specialized majors – Church Leadership and Management and Christian Counselling. This important addition justified the term, “seminary” in our name, educating students at the post-graduate level.

From 2003, the cross-cultural missionary internships were introduced for Bachelor - and Master-level students. This was organized during summer vacation after the second year of study.

In 2007, Lakeview received full accreditation from the Asia Theological Association (ATA) for the Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees.

In 2008, the first Lakeview Extension Centre was organized in Chennai city in English.

In 2009, a second Extension Centre was introduced in Chennai in Tamil. In 2010, students began to serve during weekends in Andhra Pradesh.

2011 – 2019
In 2011, Lakeview Bible College and Seminary dedicated Berea Hall, our central classroom-library-office building, designed with all the infrastructure to train Christian leaders of excellence.

In 2012, Xpressions, our Media department was launched to provide training in multi-media skills to our students. A well-equipped audio studio was dedicated on the campus which enables them to create, produce, and use audio and visual media in communicating the message of Christ in more creative ways.

In 2013, we admitted our first overseas (US) students who study for an entire semester at Lakeview and have all academic credits transferred into their degrees in America. Also, in 2013, a fourth Extension Centre began in the town of Salur in Andhra Pradesh.

A new major was added in 2014 at the Master of Divinity level in Christian Missions and Media.

In 2015, the ground floor of a new men’s hostel was constructed and the first floor was added in August 2018.
In 2016, we received ATA-accreditation for an additional five years.2019-2021 Lakeview Prospectus 4

Since 2015, God has led us to widen the scope of our curriculum to empower students with learning resources to impact the world with more powerful, relevant, and innovative models of ministry. Training in marketplace ministries, added M.Div. majors in Media Communications (2017), and Business Entrepreneurship (2018), challenge students to explore new avenues to transform their communities for Jesus Christ.

For the past 30 years, the spiritual, academic, and ministerial training offered at Lakeview has produced many outstanding evangelists, church-planters and missionaries, School and University educators, Bible college Principals and faculty, as well as Pastors and local church leaders. We hear fascinating stories from our alumni of how God has used their lives and ministries to impact churches and their communities for Christ and His glory.