Core Values

Lakeview Bible College and Seminary (hereafter, LBC&S) was founded to train leaders who would transform local churches, and the communities beyond the church to reflect the values of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. The focus of our ministry is aimed specifically towards the cultural, religious, and social world of the Asian peoples. To reach this goal, our students are provided with an integrated program of instruction which includes:

● Sound biblical knowledge covering the essential elements of Christian faith and doctrine
● Commitment to the New Testament scriptures as the norm for the life, mission, and ministry for the Christian and the church today
● Genuine Christian spiritual formation and discipleship leading to a deeper love for God and a desire to please Him in every area of life
● Training to serve the Christian community as well as the world around us by imitating the Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Master, in sincere humility and loving sacrifice
● Developing contextual, culturally-sensitive approaches in ministry that will enable Asian societies to experience the world-transforming power of the kingdom of God
● Holistic leadership skills to create and manage formal Christian churches and agencies for the glory of God
LBC&S is committed to continually enhance the quality and reach of her ministry to inspire many more leaders to give their best to exalt Christ as the light of His church and His world.