We at LBC&S believe that learning is not restricted to just our classes or campus alone.We want you to have a wide variety of learning experiences beyond the campus as well.


For the Master of Divinity and Master of Divinity programmes, you are required to do a specialized internship based on your chosed field. 

  • If you major in Christian Counselling or Leadership, after your second year of study, you will go on a month-long cross-cultural missionary internship where you will have the opportunity to apply the skills that you have learnt in your classes.
  • If you major in Media Communication or Business Entrepreneurship, you will be required to intern in a company or organisation in your specified field for 30 weeks to learn and develop your skills.


In addition to the internship, you will also be reuired to do a Thesis, Project or Portfolio. 

  • Thesis - For the Christian Counselling and Leadership majors, you will complete a dissertaion/thesis that is 15,000 - 20,000 words long, with necessary library and field research resources.
  • Portfolio - For the Media Communication major, you will complete a major project and produce a Portfolio of all creative work done during the programme.
  • Project - For the Business Entreprepeurship major, you will complete a major project with a small business venture and present a Project Report.