LBC&S began offering programmes in extension centres so that people from various walks of life could enhance their spiritual life, knowledge of God and ministry skills in their own regional languages. 

We started our first centre in Chennai in the year 2009 and since then several centres have been active in training church leaders, youth, new believers and so much more. So far, we have had over 75 graduates from these centres.

Programme Highlights: 

  1. Training in English & vernacular language 
  2. Part-time, modular format in instruction
  3. Affordable fees
  4. Specialized courses (eg: Media, Business, Leadership, Counselling, etc.)
  5. Interactive teaching methodolgy 
  6. Guest lectures by international faculty

This year we hope to have THREE centres, two of which will operate in Chennai and one in Andhra Pradesh in the following formats:

  1. Certificate of Ministry (12 modules in Bible, Theology, Leadership and Practical Ministry skills)
  2. Diploma in Ministry (13 courses in Bible, Theology, Leadership and Practical Ministry skills)
  3. Special Seminars/Workshops on the following topics:
    • Christian Financial Management
    • Building Christ-like Families
    • Servant Leadership
    • Christ and Indian Culture
    • Media and Ministry
    • Marketplace Ministry
    • Business Entrepreneurship